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Why you should consider Thermography....

Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging, or thermography, is a high-tech health screening tool. A digital high-definition infrared camera is used to create a digital map of your body and temperature patterns. The patterns may show abnormalities that can be indicative of inflammation (or abnormal heat spots on the body).

-Inflammation is the first sign of degenerative diseases and other chronic health conditions.

-Early detection of this inflammation may help to prevent those health conditions from even developing in the first place.

How amazing would it be to find out about inflammation in your body and have time to do something about it? Sounds amazing?

Here are some reasons to consider Thermography:

1. It is non-invasive and pain-free

Since it is a digital picture there is no poking or prodding/smashing. It is perfect for those who have implants or dense breasts.

2. It’s safe

Thermography does NOT emit radiation. It emits nothing – it just takes an image.

3. It’s very accurate

Thermography measures heat. This allows the Radiologists who read the results to see Bio-markers or indicators. Published medical research confirms that these indicators reveal abnormalities in the heat patterns.

4. It’s key for early detection

Early detection allows you to be proactive in preventing and treating any early conditions, such as inflammation.

5. It can be used for the whole body

Thermography can be used for

  • Breast health

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Dental pathologies

  • Diabetes

  • Digestion and colon function

  • General toxicity

  • Immune and lymphatic system function

  • Inflammationn

  • And much more!

To schedule an appointment on August 11,2022, please contact our office at 331-806-3072 or online at

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